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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

This blog is written by Jen Josey, Real Estate Investor, and REIGN Coach. She is not a professional writer and writes like she talks so put your red pen away.  Jen is extremely opinionated but reserves the right to change her opinion at any time because, well, that's the way she rolls.  She may also use colorful language so don't be offended.  Jen does not claim to be an expert, she is just sharing her personal thoughts and adding a perspective on investor topics that may benefit her readers.  Jen also finds it strange to write in the third person.  Enjoy!

After years of watching HGTV, my husband and I took the leap and attended a Real Estate Investor seminar in April of 2017. I thought for SURE, with all that time spent studying those flipping shows, it would be so easy. I proudly announced, “Step aside Johanna, I am taking over the flipping business!” We dove in like cannonballs and sunk just as fast.

Vance and I spent the next few months absorbing the education modules that came with our mastery program all while working our Corporate America jobs. Vance got his Real Estate license and we would spend weekends and evenings looking at properties. We put in offers but none were getting accepted. I was so over, “working for the man” that there was no turning back for me! I was determined to get our first project so I could quit my job but what I really needed was help.

I was a middle school music teacher for 16 years before I went into the health insurance industry. I learned quickly that no one was going to help me climb that corporate ladder and more so, many were tugging at my ankles trying to knock me off that ladder. When Vance and I created our real estate investment business, I thought all businesses were run that way so if I was going to succeed, I would have to do everything on my own. It didn’t take long to break down and finally look for help.

Everything changed when I researched local meet-up groups. I found one group and discovered that there was something very special about this industry. As competitive as it seems to the new investor, I was amazed at how everyone in that group was so willing to help others! Some folks would share off-market deals if their plate was too full while others gladly promoted their favorite (and vetted), contractors. Members would take turns presenting case studies detailing every step of their renovation while the others always learned something new. I had found my people!

A month later, we had our first property under contract, and shortly after that, we wholesaled our first deal. By December of 2017, I happily parted ways with Corporate America!

The first year was rough, I have to admit, but the fire that burned inside of me was not going to be extinguished. We posted the phrase, “Entrepreneurship is spending a few years like most people won’t so we can spend the rest of our lives like most people can’t” throughout our house as a constant reminder. Our first completed renovation was sitting on the market a lot longer than anticipated and the phone had stopped ringing from the marketing we were doing consistently. It was the people in that meet-up group that got us through these times.

The biggest lesson I learned was my network equals my net worth. Let me say that again, my network equals my net worth. Real Estate Investing is a funny field of work, filled with many uneducated flippers trying to recreate what looked so easy on TV. It’s scattered with bitter real estate agents who hate flippers that throw out ridiculous low-ball offers. We have those dishonest wholesalers that fluff up their numbers to the unsuspecting new investors. We have homeowners who scream at you for mailing them a postcard because they receive 3 or 4 a week. It’s saturated with many coaches and gurus trying to sell you on a “get rich quick” scam as they take your money and run.

But I promise you this...if you can see past these people, you will find an abundance of real estate investor entrepreneurs who love nothing more than to help you and celebrate your success.

Several months after joining the meet-up group, Vance and I were asked to present a case study of one of our projects. Awesome things began to happen! We built our credibility, we narrowed our focus by looking back on a project, and the most fun was putting my education hat back on while sharing my passion.

Fast forward two and a half years and we have completed our 8th renovation of 2019 before the start of the 4th quarter, own an AirBnB, and two long-term rentals. Our business team has grown and many of the mundane tasks have been delegated allowing me more time to start new ventures. This is why REIGN was created.

I wanted to establish an educational platform where members could teach other members. I had been out of education so long when we were asked to do that simple case study, I did not anticipate the joy in influencing others to flood my soul as much as it did. Yes, there were investors in that room that learned a few nuggets from us but we were the ones who had the greatest experience.

Everyone has a superpower. You may still be in the discovery phase and just want to follow a few others until your superpower rises to the surface. That’s the cool part about REIGN. You can participate in as many Masterminds as you wish OR you can be pushed out of your comfort zone and create your own! REIGN is designed to help those looking to focus their education by choosing the topic that resonates with them at that moment and also for those who have so much to share.

Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Growth Network!

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