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Hey there, just so you know, the links on this page are affiliate links which means that if you click on one of them and make a purchase, Jen Josey may make a little bit of money. Don't worry, it won't cost you anything extra! Think of it as a way to support The Bestower of Badassery without even trying... kinda like accidentally finding money in your pocket. So, go ahead and click away, and thank you in advance for checking out these badass resources!

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Coach Jen and Coach Bud
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Real estate investment software to scale up and work smarter.

Our all-in-one software has the tools you need to analyze deals, estimate construction costs, and project manage every team and expense to maximize your project profitability.


Jen Wrote a Book!

From Beginner to Badass:

Unlock the Next Level of

Real Estate Investing

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Unfortunately you can’t just Google “Unlisted properties to invest in near me,” so here’s the next best thing.


#1 Use Leadflow’s Off-Market Seller Search Engine to create targeted lists of homeowners with a high desire to sell.


#2 Market to that super targeted list using the in-app Direct Mail engine or Skip Trace feature.


#3 Close the deal!

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3 Degrees Consulting

Brand new and need a website? Don't know where to start? Websites are the quickest way to build instant credibility.


Leave it to the experts at 3 Degrees Consulting to grow your online presence! They are the best around!

Why should I set up an LLC?

Forming an LLC not only legalizes the business, but also creates separation and protection from your personal life. This is commonly referred to as the “corporate veil of protection.” The LLC separates and protects you and all of your personal assets from any type of liability associated with the business. In simplest terms, you can’t be sued personally for something that happens with the business.

Forming an LLC also opens the door to more than 250 tax deductions and allows you to write-off any investments made for the business. This means you have the potential to save THOUSANDS in taxes and keep more of the hard-earned money you make!


When should I setup an LLC? What if I already have an LLC?

The moment you start to pursue something and have formally made an intent to be a business owner! You don’t have to make an income to form an LLC.

If you already have an LLC, PRIME recommends you schedule a complimentary business assessment to ensure it is still active and functioning correctly for your business.

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Specialized Trust Company
If you don't know Amanda, you NEED to...
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Iceland 2025

Join Jen and other real estate investors in Iceland for 5 nights June 18 - 24, 2025! Spots are limited so don't wait!

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