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Join other like-minded real estate investors once a week for four weeks to deep dive through proven exercises that will accelerate the growth of your business.  At the end of the four weeks, you will be added to our elite Facebook group where you will meet and interact with other REIGN members as we will lift each other towards our highest potential and beyond!

Every five to six weeks, all REIGN Members are welcome to REIGNite in an interactive zoom meeting where we will feature a REIGN Member presenting on a variety of real estate investor topics...that could be YOU!

REIGN Members will also have an opportunity to share their Superpowers by creating their own Masterminds for a profit.  REIGN is an educational platform where we feel the best form of learning is through teaching.

REIGN Creator and Coach: Jen Josey


One-Time Fee

Your REIGN membership includes the 4-week,

Deep Dive Virtual Mastermind and access to our closed Facebook group where you can network with other REIGN members.  You will also have the opportunity to create your own Masterminds for a profit using the REIGN platform.

  • REIGN is for any level of real estate investor looking to collaborate with others in the industry.

  • Whether you've done 100+ deals or still waiting for your first one, everyone has room for improvement!

  • ​Your next level of success is just on the other side of your greatest fear.  Learn to REIGN in that fear!

  • ​The best form of learning is through teaching.  REIGN gives you the tools for you to inspire and lead others with your talents while establishing credibility.

  • ​Announcing your goals to a group of people increases your chance of reaching that goal by 95%.

Fastest Growing Virtual Mastermind!

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